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Characterization and biological function of milk-derived miRNAs

Breastfeeding is associated with reduced risk of infection, immune-mediated disorders, obesity, and even cancer. It contains a variety of microRNAs that can be transferred to infants, and appear to play important roles in those biological functions.

***Golan‐Gerstl, R., Elbaum Shiff, Y., Moshayoff, V., Schecter, D., Leshkowitz, D., & Reif, S. (2017). Characterization and biological function of milk‐derived miRNAs. Molecular nutrition & food research.‏

Cow and Human Milk-Derived Exosomes Ameliorate Colitis in DSS Murine Model

This study done and published  by our team demonstrated that cow and human milk derived exosomes have a therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effect on colitis, involving several complementary pathways in its mechanism of action.

***Reif, S., Elbaum-Shiff, Y., Koroukhov, N., Shilo, I., Musseri, M., & Golan-Gerstl, R. (2020). Cow and human milk-derived exosomes ameliorate colitis in DSS murine model. Nutrients.

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