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Welcome to EXOSOMM

We are an advanced BioTech-FoodTech Start-up. Inspired by the virtues of mother milk and its unique health properties, EXOSOMM develops a variety of nutritional solutions based on natural milk exosomes
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Exosomes are membrane-bound nanoparticles naturally present in maternal milks and are beneficial to human health and immunity. Exosomes provide natural protection of its content. They contain miRNA's, short chains of RNA’s which associated with beneficial immune-related activity.

Our Technology

We developed a natural, efficient and environmental friendly isolation process of milk exosomes and created a food formula for medical purposes, containing patent-based exosomes as an active anti-inflammatory ingredients.


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Bringing back the natural therapeutic power of milk

Our Products

EXOSOMM develops novel nutritional solutions for special medical purposes based on natural milk exosomes.

The company’s first product is a proprietary formula for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), containing milk exosomes with proven anti-inflammatory activity.

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Join us in a new era of therapeutic food

Meet The Team

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Netta Granot

CEO & Co-founder

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CMO & Co-founder

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Tali Feldman-Sivan, PhD

Board member, strategy

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Yaffa Elbaum-Shiff, PhD RD

COO & Nutrition

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Janette Lazarovits, PhD

Senior Technology Advisor

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Yasmine Hamra-Amitay, PhD

Lab Researcher

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Regina Golan-Gerstl, PhD

CTO & Co-founder

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Yigal Galli

BoD Chairman

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Gabriela Trubowitz

Business Development

EXOSOMM in the Press 

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"The company was able to achieve significant milestones, Including the development of exosomes-extraction methodology, important IP, initial regulatory approval, and partnership with Tnuva"

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"Milk-derived exosomes (MDEs) will push the boundaries of “food as a medicine”

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"By leveraging its scientific research, EXOSOMM has devised a futuristic technique capable of extracting exosomes, which are naturally occurring particles found in maternal milk"

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"Exosomm team to come up with a proprietary method for isolating these particles from the milk, creating an ingredient that can be added into food and treat chronic inflammation"

"Exosomm עברה מהמעבדה לייצור תעשייתי וגייסה מאחת הקרנות המובילות בתחום"

"This is a game-changing technology for a truly novel, upcycled health ingredient"

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"גם השנה נבחרו 8 חברות מצוינות בעלות פוטנציאל צמיחה משמעותי, שיזכו להציג את הפיץ' שלהם בגמר של התחרות, מול מובילי תעשיית ההייטק בארץ ובעולם JOURNEY 2023"

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